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Comment Contest

Post image Congratulations to Max, the winner of our February Comment contest! The winning comment is his response to Doomerz's Google Summer of Code '08 post. Max won a $25 gift certificate to SparkFun Electronics.

It's been a busy few days so until a real post, enjoy the geek humor:

Last day for contest

Post image Well today is the last day for the comment contest. Keep those comments coming, remember you can enter more than once.

Original post
Contest Rules

Comment counts:

And for your viewing pleasure, your geek humor for the day:

Comment Contest - SparkFun Gift Certificate

Post image is running a comment contest!

Leave a comment on a post or article and get entered to win a $25 gift certificate to SparkFun Electronics! This contest is open to anyone through February 29th, 2008.

Check out the contest rules:

Check out the comment counts per name:

Review: The Essential Blender

Post image "The Essential Blender is a 362 page informational how to, rather than a complete composition of tutorials on how to create 3D models and animations. The book comes with an informational disk that includes tutorials and Blender installation files. The book also does not focus specifically on step by step examples of how to create, skin, and animate specific models; instead the author describes how to use the tools and functions built into Blender. He includes a few tutorials throughout the text to help aid in the learning process. This allows Roosendaal to be more personable."

Read the rest of Firewire's review

Best Geek Movie Character

Post image Who is your favorite geek movie character out of the five listed? Let us know!

Microcontroller Poll

Post image I put up a new poll today on Microcontrollers. Let us know what microcontroller family you are most interesting in on the general level. Only the product names are up there, I didn't feel like breaking it down to PIC16, PIC18, ATMega256, etc.

We want to know what readers are interested in so we can add more stuff on that topic. (BTW, an Arduino is a platform not an MCU that's why it isn't there ;-) )

Geeksinside Birthday

Post image Almost missed this! August 2007 is 5th birthday! was started back in 2002 in a basement with straight HTML and a free hosting provider. While the site itself has had MANY revisions on MANY servers the focus of the site has remained the same, provide a place on the net for people with common interests to share their knowledge.

For fun I went to the Wayback Machine and pulled up some old versions to Geeksinside. If you have visited us in the past most of these revisions will look familiar. If you did visit in the past add a comment to this post and let us know!*/

Long way from Version 1.0:

I hope all our visitors will stick around for our next birthday, only a year away!

-s1axter and the team

Review: Sparkfun Olimex PIC Dev Board

Post image s1axter has posted a review on the Olimex PIC-MT 28pin PIC development board from Sparkfun Electronics.

"The PIC-MT is well designed and is focused on embedded development using the hardware on the board. Measuring only 120mm by 36mm it can be held in one hand with all six buttons located under the right thumb, giving a game controller feel."

Read the whole review:

I have to say this board is cool, it has a lot of cool hardware. As a demo s1axter wrote a simon like game for the PIC-MT in PIC assembly. He also posted a video if it in action. Check it out:

This is my blog and this is not a main post

Post image Yes, this is my blog, I can put anything here like this non-main post.

This post can be read, shared and commented on by anyone just like the posts on main!

Little explanation

Post image Ok, so a little explanation.

About Blogs
Blogs here at GI are owned by a user and that user can post anything. Take my blog as an example. When a user makes a post and they want it on the front page they can check 'Post on Main' and submit it to be added to the main page. An admin then can approve the post for main and bingo it is on the main page as well.

This allows users to have a more private blog space but still have the option to put a post on the main page. The one thing GI doesn't have and prob won't is totally private post. If you don't want anyone to read what you are going to write, DON'T POST IT. However if you want to remove a post you can make it not visible, then nobody can see it.

About Files
GI has a user section where you can upload and manage files and folders. This is mostly for pictures and code. Most likely this space will be limited to a few Megs and only allow uploading of pictures and text based files. More than enough for showing off projects and code.

Please let us know what you think about this by leaving a comment and/or voting on the poll.


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