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s1axter Geeksinside Applications S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

Geeksinside has entered the mobile software market place!

Today Geeksinside is proud to announce the creation of Geeksinside Applications at http://apps.geeksinside.com

Take some time anch check out Apps.geeksinside.com

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s1axter Esquire E-Ink code modified S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

Just about a week after the release of the Esquire E-Ink edition and the first hacks/mods are coming out. I wasn't the only one working on getting the PIC assembly from the Esquire E-Ink modified. Dan from http://www.danjuliodesigns.com posted his overview of hacking in two LEDs to the mag cover. The LEDs don't just blink they follow a pattern coded into the PIC firmware. Not a very large step from adding LEDs to changing the image sequence or having it do something else entirely.


Also at the bottom of the article is a video of the LEDs in action.

s1axter Esquire eInk code disassembled S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

Like I said in my last post, you can't keep a crazy engineer down! Today I picked up 2 copies of the October issue of Esquire...not to read, but to rip apart and play with the eInk and controller. There is a quick write up on my personal site: http://mybitbox.com/view.php?p=11

From the post: "Tonight after work I soldered some wires onto the controller and downloaded and disassembled the firmware. It's all PIC asm so it's going to take some time to decode/modif, however expect some different animation sequences..."

Here's some photos: http://mybitbox.com/gallery/esquire_eink/
And a post on Makezine.com about the hardware: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/09/esquire_eink_cover_hackin.html

Esquire site: http://www.esquire.com/the-side/video/e-ink-cover-video?click=pp

PikDev (Used to pull the code): http://pikdev.free.fr/

s1axter Geeksinside.com S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

What can I say other than it's been a while...

I'm sure some people think GI is dead, and it kinda has been. Past visitors will notice this new index page and might think we are back with some cool new stuff. Sorry, not really the case, this page was made a while ago and I just tied it in tonight. The real story is I've always viewed GI as a non-blog blog, a site with projects and cool stuff, not just personal rants. Finding projects, doing writeups and keeping the site professional is a big job, not to mention I do all the behind scenes coding on it. Over the past five (and really two) years it's been a labor of love; tough love. I don't want to turn GI into a personal blog, and that's why I created a personal site: myBitBox.

After thinking about it I've decided to let GI sit...for now. All the posts will be viewable, comments will be allowed, tips can be submitted, however I'm not going to post religiously. I'm also not going to keep the other members of GI from posting, post if you want. Right now I have other things I want to focus on other than making a community site.

While GI is going static, make no mistake, it is not dead. You can't keep a crazy engineer with a web server down! So until then, thanks for reading and visit us again!

PS: Thanks for the tip Gio. If you are into audio at all, check out Gio's site http://diyAudioProjects.com, there are some really cool projects there, especially if you are into tubes ;-)

Also If you want some new sites to check out, visit myBitBox.com, teamev.com, and swingline.org!

doomerz Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron Doomerz Tech Log

Canonical has launched its latest creation; Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support codenamed Hardy Heron (and several of its derivatives). This release includes both desktop and server editions.

The desktop edition comes with many new features including Mozilla Firefox 3, the lastest Gnome desktop with all the features, an enhanced photo manager, better phone/camera recognition and better video support.

The server edition comes with advanced network infrastructure applications, integrated AppArmor policies and increased kernel hardening for advanced security. It also comes with integrated host firewalling and LikeWise Open for Windows Active Directory integration.

If you are thinking about giving linux a try at all, I highly recommend getting this version (if you have a previous release you should upgrade). I am already using Kubuntu myself. And if you are afraid of wiping out your Windows installation, do not fret! The ubuntu live cd is a great option to try before you install, and as an added bonus; if you like the experience, Ubiquity (the automatic installer) will resize your windows partition to make room without wiping it out.

The Canonical group is doing a great job at providing a linux version for the linux enthusiast, the power developer and the average user. You can get the versions here: http://www.ubuntu.com/

s1axter Are we giving robots too much power? S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

This video was released back at the beginning of 2008 by The Onion, very funny.

In The Know: Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

s1axter DIY Vegetable Oil Filter System S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

I was browsing youTube last night and came across this video for this homebuilt waste vegetable oil filtering & de-watering setup. The guy uses 2 55-gallon drums, heaters and an array of filters to get the waste vegetable clean enough for use in a diesel vehicle.

I've always been a fan of cheap renewable fuels and plan on doing a WVO/SVO vehicle...when I get a garage.

s1axter April fools geeky pranks S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

Today is April fools day and because of that I have some links to simple pranks you can play on people

Annoy anyone with this electronic cricket kit
Static shock shoe generator
Use this javascript to really annoy people

That's it for now, if you have a favorite geeky prank, post a comment here and let us know

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