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s1axter $2 multi-touch PC interface S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

This el-cheap-o multi-tiouch interface was posted today on HackedGadgets. It uses a plastic bag, blue dye and a web cam. The web cam is used to differentiate between normal blue color and the bright spots created when the top of the bag is deflected. This deflection is translate that to an X-Y coordinate on the screen.

It looks like the setup has to be used in bright sun light so the pressure on the bag will create a bright spot. Some LEDs on the edge of the bag might work, give it a try!

Very cool and interesting way to get a multi-touch interface for a PC.


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chip Microcontroller Poll Geeksinside Site News

I put up a new poll today on Microcontrollers. Let us know what microcontroller family you are most interesting in on the general level. Only the product names are up there, I didn't feel like breaking it down to PIC16, PIC18, ATMega256, etc.

We want to know what readers are interested in so we can add more stuff on that topic. (BTW, an Arduino is a platform not an MCU that's why it isn't there ;-) )

s1axter Touchscreen iPod S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

I checked Gismodo's live coverage of Apple's "The beat goes on" press conference a few times this morning. Looks like Apple now has a touchscreen iPod. I think this is more like an neutered iPhone since it looks and works like an iPhone minus the calling features. Now I don't have an iPod (I don't like iTunes) but this iPod is really cool since not only do you have music and video, but you can browse the web with the built in Wifi and Safari (just like the iPhone, lol). Not too bad, now if they only had an expansion slot and the ability to connect up to A2DP headphones (maybe in the future) I would REALLY want one.

The pic on the right is from the press conference taken by the guys at Gismodo.

doomerz 3D Wall of TV's Doomerz Tech Log

Philips is introducing the 3D WOWzone; A large 132­inch multi-screen 3D wall. The WOWzone was designed to create spectacular 3D Images for presentations and advertisements at exhibitions, theme parks and large public events.
The WOWzone consists of nine 42" plasma displays (3X3) which is one large display (roughly 9 feet by 6 feet).
The WOWzone comes complete with a set of design tools to create the new 3D content effectively and the displays also can be switched to 2D high Definition. This should be available commercially in Q1 of 2008. All I know is I want one, it would be make your superbowl party the best in the neighborhood!

Check out the press release: http://www.business-sites.philips.com/3dsolutions/about/article-15646.html

chip Geeksinside Birthday Geeksinside Site News

Almost missed this! August 2007 is Geeksinside.com 5th birthday! Geeksinside.com was started back in 2002 in a basement with straight HTML and a free hosting provider. While the site itself has had MANY revisions on MANY servers the focus of the site has remained the same, provide a place on the net for people with common interests to share their knowledge.

For fun I went to the Wayback Machine and pulled up some old versions to Geeksinside. If you have visited us in the past most of these revisions will look familiar. If you did visit in the past add a comment to this post and let us know!


Long way from Version 1.0: http://web.archive.org/web/20030202082043/http://www.geeksinside.com/

I hope all our visitors will stick around for our next birthday, only a year away!

-s1axter and the Geeksinside.com team

s1axter FPGA embedded development S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

Embedded.com ran an article yesterday on building an embedded PowerPC embedded system using a Xilinx Vertex-4 FPGA development board. Sven Andersson is an ASIC designer who has a website dedicated to developing this FPGA based system. There are currently 42 parts in the on going development all laid out as a tutorial. If you are interested in FPGA and embedded applications I would take a look.

Tutorial: http://svenand.blogdrive.com/archive/11.html

Original Embedded.com article: http://www.embedded.com/design/embeddedfpga/201803017?cid=RSSfeed_embedded_news

s1axter 3D Oscilloscope demo S1axter's Tech Log of Crazy Stuff

I didn't believe this the first time I saw it! Posted on Make today it's a video of some cool effects you can do with an oscilloscope, sound card and some cool programing. The audio is not what makes the figures but some slick coding.

From the Make post:

The oscilloscope is connected to PC soundcard and is in X/Y-mode, with right channel connected to X and left to Y input. Download its waveform from here to see it on your oscilloscope!


Very impressive!

firewire Chair Hack Firewire's Tech log

I saw this online today and almost died laughing. I mean seriously this is hilarious. For those of you not so technically inclined I think you could learn a few things from this post. Or if you need a laugh or have a broken chair take a look.


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