LCD projector using overhead

What do you get with a friend's old LCD, a $10 overhead from a surplus store and a little time? An LCD projector of course!

I've been patiently awaiting the day when I acquired an LCD and found a cheap enough overhead to make one of these. Hack247 ( ) has a bunch of LCD projectors people have hacked together in their spare time. Finally I can say I have one too.

The donor LCD was a 15inch Sony LCD native resolution of 1024x768. The unit worked fine when I got it, which is what got me thinking of doing this.

The overhead is a $10 bargain I picked up today from the University surplus store. It was marked at $40 but I wasn't going to pay that. This is where it doesn't hurt to talk to the people working there. I asked the guy at the desk if they had any broken overheads since the vertical arm has most of the important stuff anyway (Lens, Mirror, focus, etc). After the guy looked at me like "Why in the hell would you want a broken one?" he took a look around, didn't find anything, pointed to one of the oldest ones and said "10 bucks, it's yours". When dealing with non-technical people who don't know what they have, always act like it's just something trivial, like a stage prop or something. If you walk in and say "Ooooo, oooooo, how much, how much" before you can say "how much" again it will be $50.

This is getting long, I will make another post about how it goes together. Later!

Note: I am not claiming that I was the first to do this. My inspiration came from years of seeing these pop up on hardware site across the net, and more reciently Hack247 . I am also not going to claim I have the best projector...I don't...not by a long shot. The one thing I do claim is that for $10 I can watch movies on the wall of my apartment, which is enough for me, lol.

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