Luminocity ... OpenGL wobbly windows

If you run Linux, chances are you already know you can add some really cool program extensions to the main X session and whatever window manager you choose. Here is a project that aims to provide a new way to interact with the windows on your desktop.

The project is called Luminocity ( ) and a nice blog from one of the developers can be seen here . There is not clear description on either pages that describes exactly what luminocity is but all is clarified within two seconds of watching one of the videos. Think of a window as a piece of paper tacked on a wall (the wall being the desktop). When you move the paper the physics of the universe move the paper and it wobbles. That wobble effect is kinda what luminocity is aiming for. Take a look at the videos, who knows this might be the de-facto standard for window movement in the future... "Keyboard[static window movement], how quaint"

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