HackADay syndication: XBox 360 laptop

HackADay ( http://hackaday.com ) is always on top of the latest news. This project was just finished up a few days ago.

Any modder and some game enthusiast will know Ben Heckendorn ( hhtp://www.benheck.com ) as the king of console modifications. Achievements of his include a portable NES, SNES, and Atari Laptop. Well for the past three months Ben has been working hard on cramming a full XBox 360 into a laptop form, complete with hi-def LCD, keyboard, DVD drive and all connectors. This is truly a feat.

Here is the original HackADay article.

I'm posting this a little early because it's gonna be popular. Ben Heckendorn has been up to his tricks again. This time he built a 14 pound, water cooled 17 inch XBox 360 aluminum cased laptop. It's got all the outputs you could ever need. This one is very good. He was kind enough to write up the build and do a nice photo shoot. Oh, this is very, very nice.


http://benheck.com/Games/Xbox360/x360_page_1.htm (Description)
http://benheck.com/Games/Xbox360/x360_page_5.htm (Photos)
(Mirror since benheck.com goes down when something like this breaks)

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