CPU schematics, great background images

How ubergeek are you? If you search the net looking for CPU schematics so you can make backgrounds you are cool in my book but most would label you "strange".

Well for those cool people out there I have stumbled across Stanford's VLSI Microprocessor Historical Data page. Complete with microprocessor stats including clock speed, die size, cache size and even images of microproc layouts. Next plan, backgrounds!

Here's the link:

You might want to check out the main VLSI folder, there are some cool pages there too.

UPDATE: As promised backgrounds (not tooo bad I think)
Intel 4004 - Intel4004(1280).jpg - Intel4004(1024).jpg - Intel4004(800).jpg
Zilog Z80 - z80(1280).jpg - z80(1024).jpg - z80(800).jpg

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