CD & Cereal Spectrometer

Have a CD? Have an empty cereal box? Why not make a spectrometer?

Jerry Xiaojin Zhu did just that with his hacked together CD spectrometer . A spectrometer is a tool used to measure properties of light. Some interesting information can be obtained just by looking at the spectrum given off by different light sources such as a high pressure sodium lamp, CRT display or neon signs. The material that gives off or reflects the light can be determined by dark lines in the spectrum and gaps in the colors. While this is a little over my head and not really computer or hardware related, some geek out there loves this stuff, plus itís made from a cereal box, that right there makes it cool.

Build one yourself and try it out, the person who emails me the craziest light source gets a cookie

Hereís the wikipedia page on spectrometers:

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