MazdaPC awesome in car PC system

Iíve wanted to put a PC in my car for a while. The closest I ever got was putting a 333Mhz laptop under the passengers seat. The computer ran Windows 98 without the GUI (MSDOS 7) and a MP3 player built for DOS connected to the AUX in on the stereo head unit. The MP3 program controlled an alphanumeric LCD mounted on the dash using a PS/2 keyboard next to the driver. The LCD part can be viewed in the PPORTLCD project here on GI.

While I thought my little setup was cool, this guy has taken it to the next level and done what I have dreamed of doing for years. A full multimedia PC with LCD built into the center console, and unlike other car PCs Iíve seen, this one looks sweet!

The system is called Mazda PC and has 512Mb RAM, 80Gig drive, Bluetooth, Wifi, (no specs on the proc), runs Gentoo, and is all based on MythTV. This is one sick setup! I might get the cash to buy and LCD like this and make my own some dayÖ.boy doesnít that sound familiar.

Gentoo Linux:
MythTV Software:

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