Explanation and TOORCON

Well it's been a while! Yes I know GI kinda died for 2 weeks but I was on the road, living on couches and working. Right now I am in a temporary apartment until I can move into the main one. Article 124 gave a brief explanation of what is going on with me. In short, I received an offer from an interesting company, Iowa wasn't panning out to be all I thought it was going to be, my friend go the job too and the company is based on San Diego. Taking all that into account, THAT is why I've been on the road, on couches and (this week) working. There...explanation done...next order of business.

TOORCON 2006!!!!!!!!!!

I think my decision to move to San Diego was a good one considering Toorcon 2006 is at the San Diego Convention center this weekend!! Taken from the toorcon site http://toorcon.org "ToorCon has been providing a meeting place for many of the top hackers and security professionals from all around the world to get together and discuss today's bleeding edge issues...", freakin COOL!!!!

I had read about Toorcon, Shmoocon, Defcon for a number of years, always resigning myself to dreams and tears that none of the 'cons decided to host their conferences in the arctic that is upstate New York. Well this year I'll be damned if I'm not going. The conference center is like a 1/2 mile from my place, and I don't have anything else to do...8-)

Hackaday.com has been making a deal of Toorcon for about a month and they plan on attending so maybe I'll run into them. I promise pictures and stuffs from the reception tonight, conference tomorrow, party tomorrow night and maybe some stuff from Sunday. So check back this weekend!!



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