Toorcon - Day 1

Well day 1 of toorcon is over and what a ride. I started the day off by listening to the keynote by Corry Doctorow. His talk was about freedoms on the internet and restrictions on rights management. Of particular interest to this geek was his take on iTunes, how it's not just a $250 iPod it's a $250 iPod and $300 in songs from itunes that will keep people from switching services. I thought the talk was enlightening and well thought out. Johnny Cache's talk was cancelled and his spot was taken over by an 'open mic' type talk. Johnny's talk was about the wireless Mac exploit that has been discussed for the past few months on sites like slashdot. Seems like John and his partner David had a little 'disagreement' with Apple over demonstrating, or even talking about this little piece of hacker tech. Kinda sad to see some lawyers stop a talk about hacking at a security conference.

After lunch I attended a presentation on Wicrawl, a new wireless scanning tool that can be found . This tool is wicked cool and is built around a plugin architecture. The plugins look straight forward to write so get those old perl books out and make some cool stuff. After the wicrawl talk I hit up the C++ Reversing for a bit but wasn't very impressed. Next was the session titled "Lovin the LOLs, LOL is my will". I don't really know what to say about this talk or these guys. Lets just say I think the main speaker too too much acid and is hell bent on breaking anything on the net...that or going to jail, maybe either, maybe both. To say the least it was a sardonic talk, one that made me wonder why I was laughing at such dark topics.

The last two talks I went to today were the ones that sold me on Toorcon in the first place. The first one, at 6pm was "CheapCrack" which talked about implementing an DES cracking system on an array of FPGA boards. What really got me was that the guy was talking about using the same SpartanIII board used in the traffic light controller. Really cool stuff, I am going to see if maybe I can help out with the project, who knows.

The final talk of the day was the "Nostalgia" panel. The panel had a bunch of cool people who really know their stuff when it comes to old skool Apple ][ hacking. For some reason I was quite amused with the demonstration of some Apple ][ assembly and a 8bit Apple ][ emulator running a 16bit processor emulator, all running on a 32bit macbook, lol. The capstone for today was having the one and only Captain Crunch, John Draper on the Nostalgia panel. For those who don't know who Captain Crunch is, take a look . The man had some interesting stories on prank calling the CIA and President Nixon back in the late 70s.

All in all it was a good day. I also did get the chance to meet both Captain Crunch and the Hackaday group. Captain Crunch is a ledgend in his own time and I just like the hackaday site, so it was really cool meeting them. Well that's it for now, more tomorrow about Toorcon day ][.

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