Link Dump: Halloween Projects

It's been a while since a post so I figured I would get into to the October spirit tonight and post some cool Halloween DIY and hardware Halloween projects. HackedGadgets has posted a number of cool Halloween hacks found on the Make magazine site . I did some digging tonight and found some more. So enjoy and send in some pics of your cool Halloween projects!

Blinking Eyes for your bushes:
Smoke Belching Gargoyle:
A Skull That Talks:
Hanging Man using a wiper motor: (Kinda graphic, but cool)
Flaming Skull: (this one I might make)
Floating Holograms:
Floating Ghost:
More Eyes For Your Bushes:
Why Use Candles When You Can Use LEDs:
Ghostbusters Costume with LEDs:
Pitchfork with LEDs:
MANY Cool Halloween Projects: (I like the pinned arm )
DIY Pipe Organ:
Googly Eyed Skull:

If I find more I will post them, for now enjoy!!

PS: Look for a review of No Starch Press's "Hacking the Cable Modem" soon!!

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