Sweet Easy To Use Javascript Lib

Everyone says Javascript is old and outdated, but wait until they see how easy it is to add some amazing looking enhancements to any site. I recently stumbled upon a library called overlib.

Overlib is a library that incorporates a large number of easily used functions for popups, rollovers, and many other site ehancements. The site has a complete list of commands and a small display of what can be done with overlib. Overlib is great because it allows for a lot of tweaking and can be customized to do just about whatever you want. You can pass templates in to be displayed exactly how you want and anchor the popup or rollover to any position or near any object even through resolution changes.

A comprehensive command refrence can be found at http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/?Command_Reference. So if you feel like just messin around with some cool javascript or want to just tweak and enhance your personal website take a look at overlib for a fast and very easy to use javascript library.

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