Nintendo Wii

I know that everyone knows about the WII and that its nothing new but I have a little insight for everyone. I just got to play one of these things the other day. All I have to say is wow, and no I am not talking about the video game.

The design is ingenius. The movement is so smooth and fluid and the rumble pack does not distort the accelerometer's movements to any degree. The movement is precise and even your grandmother could use it. The "PowerPC CPU (code-named "Broadway"), made with a 90nm SOI CMOS process, jointly developed with and manufactured by IBM; GPU developed with ATI"( is amazing with the way it processes all of the complicated algorythms and code that are held on this small console. The WII even has the ability to pull movies, pictures, and other video off of any sd card to be edited, viewed or played. Users create their own Wii characters that hold their user profiles, and adds a little fun to the creation of the typical boring user profile which this is not.

The UI on this thing is great. The WII does about everything. It has a mac like feel, and it offers so many options to all types of users. It doesnt purely focus on the gamers of the world but all users who want to be brought into the new tech age. Wii offers instant messaging, photo editing, news and other numerous tv like channels, the ability to play all the oldschool games and this can be done through a wireless connection to your router or other wireless access point. This is a system created for the family and gamer alike. The game load times are next to nothing and the graphics are fluid and have great detail.

I would kill to get one of these, but currently no one has any, its about as hard to get as a "tickle me elmo" was a few years ago. If you do manage to get ahold of one of these your place will be the new hot spot. With games catering to lots of players in a party like atmosphere you cannot go wrong. Go Wii or go home, because it without a doubt destroys every other system out there today. Not only does it cost less (retail) but it comes with 5 games. You dont see that kind of service anymore. This is one system you just cannot go wrong with.


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