TV from an FPGA plus PPT interface

I was browsing around the net and these projects from looked post worthy, that and you know how I love PLD projects.

Anyone who is interested in microcontrollers has undoubtedly found some NTSC (TV for the layman) driver code for a PIC or Stamp on the net. This guy took it a step further and did NTSC using an FPGA running at 80Mhz. When I loaded the page and saw the picture, the idea of a PWM for the shades of grey popped in my head. Well a PWM is exactly what this guy uses. The image is loaded in RAM then outputted to the TV. The entire setup only uses two resistors, and is definitely something anyone with a dev board could do. The VHDL for the FPGA is included on the page and is rather short. Lots of IF statements but I guess it works.

Also on the site is a parallel port interface circuit complete with PCB schematic and code for BSD. The PPT card is compact and just plugs right in to the port. Parallel is a great way to get started with hardware-software interfacing. I remember in High School I drove 8 LEDs direct from a PC using Basic. Oh man was that cool then. Rather than skirting disaster by attaching LEDs directly to the port, look into this since it has a octal DFF buffer you can pick up at Radio Shack.

Cool stuff

Max on Feb 29th, 2008 9:54pm
Wow! This gut has some awesome projects on his site. His Scenix programmer looks really sweet. I absolutely love the SX series of uC's and that programmer looks like a nice, cheap alternative.