Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2007 from Geeksinside.com!!

All of us here at geeksinside want to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that 2007 will yield awesome projects and cool hacks.

2006 was a big year for Geeksinside.com and I would like to take a minute and run through some of the major changes to the site.

New look Overhaul - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=46
New Forum - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=47
Tech Logs - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=52
Project Pages
Object Oriented Overhaul - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=88
Rss Feed - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=104
Toorcon Coverage - http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=130 & http://gi.phoenixarisen.com/articleViewSingle.php?articleID=131
Single Article Viewer / PermaLinks
RSS Feed Viewer
Breadcrumbs for easy navigation

A lot of these milestones are for features found on almost all major blog software, however remember that the software that runs geeksinside.com is all written by us. This allows us to do more and adapt quickly to make the site as dynamic as possible.

There are a number of big plans in place for geeksinside in 2007, so come back and visit us soon and tell any geeks you know that geeksinside can only be made better by support "from viewers like you" :-P


S1axter and the Geeksinside.com team

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