Geeksinside gets a facelift

Well here it is, the new look of! Firewire and I have been working hard the past few days to make Geeksinside a little more user friendly. Also we did a code overhaul to get things into top shape for 2007 and beyond.

As you can see the two major changes are going from a three column layout down to two and adding the navigation tabs. The two column layout allows for more article area, plus we thought the three column layout was a little cluttered with pointless information. To streamline the navigation we opted for the tabbed menu on the left to better indicate where on the site a reader is.

There are a bunch of other parts that we worked on including the projects page, article posting page, phpBB interface, user blogs, and about page.

Take some time to look around and come back. With this new layout I can promise, without a doubt, more posts (since it's easier to add articles).

Like the new look or hate it? Tell us here:


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