Frogger-like FPGA Game

Every now and then I cruise on over to and take a look at some of the hardware videos people post. This one was uploaded a month ago. It's a project from the University of Washington EE271 class. After a little googling it looks like Lab4 . The project is Turtle Hunter aka Frogger and while at first play of the video the cars look a little disorganized they do infact move opposite directions every two rows. The game uses a dual color LED matrix and an Altera FPGA on a hardwired board.

Interesting use of and FPGA, taking a look at the code would be cool. The one thing that caught my eye is it looks like the wiring took a while!


Max on Feb 29th, 2008 7:42pm
That's an insane wiring job! It looks like quite a fun game. Those Bi-Color LED matrixes are really awesome.