Electronics West Expo

Last week S1axter and I attended the Electronics West Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center next to Disney Land. The expo was a fairly descent size however I was kind of disappointed in the lack of systems and software displayed. The majority of the exhibitors were distributors and suppliers who were in the medical field since there was also the Medical Devices and Manufacturing conference there at the same time. Since there were a lot of potential companies I guess this was a good opportunity for the distributors to increase their business with visiting members of companies and corporations. While there were a lot of small part makers there was also a large number of companies displaying cool laser cut keypads, die cut hardware, LCD displays and cool storage solutions.

S1axter and I did run into a few companies that were very interesting. I was very intrigued by the booths of companies working with flexible circuits and printed circuit boards and assembly. I was walking around looking for a company to create and assemble a few specific projects that Iíve been working on. One of the companies I found most interesting was Computrol. Computrol is an electronics contract manufacturing company based out of Idaho. The guys were cool and we chatted a bit about contracting them to create and assemble boards for some projects since they specialize in board etching and component placement all in one. Computrol is a company that prides themselves on the quality of the product that they create which is something you donít see with large volume electronics assembly companies. They do it all from surface mount to box builds. I really suggest contacting them if you need a board assembled. More information about their company can be found at http://www.computrol.com/ .

We also came across a company called Rapid Prototyping. This company is based in California and uses a printing system to create prototypes from 2-D and 3-D drawings. They use a printing head like an inkjet printer to bond powder together in layers to make a three dimensional object. Technology like this is around in other fields but the really cool thing about Rapid Prototyping is the binder is dispensed with a CKMY pigment mixture allowing it to print the objects in color. It was a very interesting demonstration to watch. Take a look at http://www.3drp.com/index.aspx for more information.

Overall the Electronics West Expo was alright, we will see if we can go again next year. A list of exhibitors can be found at http://www.devicelink.com/expo/ewest07/exhibit/ .


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