Parallel Pic Programmer

A few weeks ago I found some 16F872 PIC microcontrollers I got a while back as samples from Microchip Semiconductor (about 6 of them). I never did anything with them and decided since I had some free time I would build a pic programmer and start messing around a bit. Well luck would have it that I had (almost) all the parts required for Bob Blick's Classic PIC programmer ! The parallel programmer works for the 16F872s as well as a bunch of others from the 16FXXX family.

The circuit is relatively simple and straight forward and can be build on a IC board from Radio Shack. The code is written to the PIC using ProgPIC which is free and can be found here . To make the HEX files ProgPIC needs I use MPLAB IDE from Microchip which is also free. MPLAB provides a nice assembly interface, assembler and linker all in one environment. It also has some sample code to get started on almost any PIC.

Just a reminder! Make sure you use an open-collector buffer/inverter like the schematic says so you don't spend an evening trying to figure out how your substituted 5 volt hex inverter is going to sink 12 volts ;-)

I also uploaded some pictures of the board and MPLAB.

NOTE: The wiring is what you get from making said substitution mistake, Doh!

raghu on Feb 4th, 2009 11:01pm
hey mate iam looking for bobblicks pic parallelport programmer
as his website is down i cant get the schematics n an yinfo on that , so could u please mail me the schematics and the parts fil of the bobblicks pic programmer ic u have them with u