Replace your iPod HDD with a compact flash card

It looks like is getting a lot of press from their flash iPod mod. The site was featured on slashdot today with a link to the article of how to convert almost any hard drive based iPod to run using a compact flash card. Using flash media one can eliminate the only part in the iPod with a moving part, thus making it more robust, less likely to fail, improve battery life and brag to your friends about your mad L337 hardware hacking skillz.

The original article can be found here and uses an iPod mini with an 8GB CF card

The next mod used a connector from an old PCMCIA 14.4k modem to extend the drive connector.

The articles donít mention any external passive components or glue logic so it looks like a drop in replacement. However to do this you have to have a steady hand and like to solder small 88+ connections on the connectors.

Here is the slashdot article too:

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