Apple Bus Mouse Garage Opener Mod

So I got bored tonight and started going though my box-o-cables and came across an old Apple bus mouse I had gutted years ago. I always wanted to turn it into a garage door opener but never got around to it. Well, coincidently the garage door opener for my apartment parking is the perfect size to sit inside the mouse with room for a switch.

After some probing around the opener PCB, I found two easily accessible leads for the main switch, and used wirewrap to trace them out of the unit. Wirewrap around the terminals seemed easier than soldering them. With a $1.15 tube of Krazy Glue, a nylon washer and a PCB stand off, I got the switch just below the button so when screwed together it had about the same throw as the original mouse. I also tapped a lead from the LED on the board and ground to wire up a new LED where the old mouse cable went.

I took some pics, so take a look and remember, you would be amazed at what you can do with “junk”.

Interesting find, as you can see in the pics the unit has a PIC16F54C. If I had some better tools than a multimeter and a collection of screwdrivers I would have tried to dump the code from the PIC; a project for the future :-P

Matt on Feb 4th, 2008 10:31pm
I did this once several years ago. But it was the older mouse and I didn't lead out of my remote. I put the whole guts (9v battery and all) into the case of the mouse, and put it so the mouse button came down on the button on the remote PCB. I psyched out my friends a few times coming home (and a few dates) when I aimed the mouse at the garage door and it opened. I should do this one again. Thanks for the flashback! I think I found my next project.
Danny on Oct 5th, 2008 9:21pm
Very different I think, and cool ! It just comes to show what can be done with an old apple mouse ! Must try this on my old apple mouse to mod it !