Geeksinside Style Vote

For those visitors who stopped by before 2007 they should remember the old blue/black style GI had. Well we have another more "fun" style to show today.

I like the current look of the site, however sometimes it seems a little boring and lacking color. We're engineers not graphic designers :-P. Right now there are three looks to the site.

1. Gray circuit background ( )
2. Old blue/black ( )
3. Geeksinside retro theme ( ) (Think old skool console, be careful very "loud")

We have no idea what looks better so I put up a poll. Vote on it and let us know what you think. You can also post on the forums! If we get enough votes, we will put some serious time towards refining that style.

The blue/black and retro styles are not finished, so don't expect perfect CSS.

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