ArsGeek Video Recorder Comment Contest loves contests; we’ve posted a bunch before, mostly for design competitions. The latest contest I came across was posted yesterday by ArsGeek ( ). They are giving away a Flip Video Camcorder in a comment contest ( ). All you need to do is post a comment on the site and you are entered. If you have blog, post an article (Kinda like this one :-P) and you get another two entries. I like ArsGeek so figured what the hell.

The specs on the camcorder are 1 Gb flash memory for 60 minutes of video, MPEG-4, 640x480, 30 FPS, built in USB 2.0 connector, built-in mic, and TV out for when you visit your parents who don’t have a computer on the TV. Not too bad for $99 at Best Buy, even better if you win it free!

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