Ben Heckendorn AudioFX Pro Headset

Ben Heckendorn is at it again, this time he isn't modding the latest gaming system but rather making new stuff all together. You might remember Ben from the Atari 2600 portable, NES portable and XBox 360 laptop mods that have been splayed all over the net.

Ben's latest creation is the AudioFX Pro 5+1, a USB gaming headset that he has turned into a commercial product that should be hitting shelves soon. The headset is designed for comfort and style with a 40s leather look to fit right in when you are flying a P51 Mustang in Battlefield. What adds to a cool look is the addition of "force feedback" motors to give you that all encompassing feel of being in the game and virtual 5.1 surround sound.

Right now the headset is available on and sells for $80 with the basic AudioFX selling for $50. Take a look and congrats to Ben.

Max on Feb 28th, 2008 1:57pm
Ben is the most amazing modder ever! This is really cool looking!!