Site update 1,000,001

Woah! Yes got a facelift. It's been in the works for a while but never really got put up. That was mostly due to me not knowing how to make a database correctly. Firewire helped out and the end result you are looking at right now. There are some big changes here. If you are a returning visitor might not notice all of them right away.

First are the blog images and links. To help differentiate between posters & blogs we added blog images so with a quick look you can see who posted what. If you click on the image (we call a 'tile') or the name of a blog anywhere on the site you will go to that person's blog.

On a user blog page, there might be some more posts that aren't on the main page. It allows us to put up more stuff, and have an actual blog since sometimes I want to post stuff that isn't 'front page' quality.

Comments work again!!!! SCORE! And we now have a review process to keep all those spam bots out; logged in members get auto-posted comments. Plus the count below each article is accurate!

We added cool text tools as you can see here so posts are easier and you don't need to know HTML to emphasize things.

Now the sad part...the projects section is down. I really wanted to make a project/news site ever since I started this but it's a lot of code and figured I better start from a solid base. All the posts/files/pix are still around but right now they are locked in the database, as the code base develops I'll bring them back.

Old links still work but they re-route to the new pages. I really need to make true permalinks not just ?p=### on the url.

That's about it, poke around and leave us a comment about the site and what you want to see from us here at!
(The post image is kinda random but I thought it was cool. I stole is from here :-P )

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