Dumpster diving stop sign table

Need a table for your porch? Why not dumpster dive and make one using a stop sign and a trashcan?

It's amazing what you can find in a university dumpster, chairs, desks even discarded street signs. When I was in school I saved this stop sign from the landfill and kept hanging it on walls; until today at least. Now you can't just tack a sign to a platform without drilling the steel, that's where more dumpster diving comes into play. I was lucky enough to find this nice piece of plywood, carelessly discarded in the trash. A few quick cuts and I had a nice platform to mount the sign.

A run to Home Depot to find a base resulted in a $12 trashcan and $3 in hardware. So for $15 I now have a nice, chair level outdoor table/conversation piece.

For your viewing pleasure I snapped some pix of the materials and table.

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