RSSC Outlet finding robot contest

Last weekend the Robotics Society of Southern California held its June meeting in Fullerton, CA. I was unable to go, and after taking a look at the pics in the June write up I kinda wish I had. Every month or two the RSSC has a small contest for those in attendance. In May there were two contests; navigate a hallway and follow a wall. This month was a little more complicated, find the power outlet in the room and move to it (insert plug optional). Even though there was a passive reflective indicator on the outlet, I didn't expect to see many bots complete this, but three did! The one that impressed me in the club write up was the bot "T" by Jim Ubersetzig. From the write up:

"Jim built his own sensing device to find the outlet. It consisted of a laser and 3 light sensors mounted in an empty 35mm film canister which was mounted on two RC servos so that it could rotate 360 degrees. ... His robot would scan the room until it found the outlet, then approach the outlet making occasional steering corrections and usually lowered a pointer right onto the outlet. As usual, he did all this with a Basic Stamp with 26 bytes of RAM."

Wow! Congrats to all those who made it to the outlet.

If you have the time, check out the June write up on the RSSC site:

RSSC Site:

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