eLinux.org and review reply

Today our review of Embedded Linux Primer showed up on Slashdot and one of the comments was about eLinux.org, a wiki for embedded Linux. I think I stumbled upon this on day but didn't save the URL.

I took a look around and there is a lot of information there, if you are an embedded Linux engineer or just interested take a look.

There were also some comments on the review about my statement that the device drivers chapter was a little weak. I guess I should have chosen my words a little better than saying I was expecting to be a driver guru at chapters end. The thing I was disappointed about was the lack of information on how the kernel interacts with hardware on a low level. The chapter gave a cursory overview of making a driver shell that said "loaded" "unloaded" and that's about it.

Thanks a lot to all who stopped by today and come back soon!

Oh yeah, the slashdot link: http://books.slashdot.org/books/07/06/20/1356207.shtml

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