Geeksinside starts technical articles

For those viewers who visited GI in the past, you might remember the 'Projects' section of the site with pics and files of cool stuff. Well in the last site overhaul I removed the projects to streamline the code. I really didn't want to but it just didn't fit and needed to be re-designed. Well today I added an 'Articles' section so I can add more technical content to GI.

Articles are going to be more technical than blog posts and not tied to a product like reviews. S1axter posted the first article today too, a How-To on getting Samba setup on a Slackware system. It's good so if you are looking to use Slackware give it a read.

Looks like R2D2 won the last poll with 14 votes, Johnny-5 was a close second at 13. I put up a new poll on Technical Interests, what do you search for on the net? Tell us, it's free, just click the button!

Also in this update I made it REALLY easy to add new blogs, so if you want a blog on just email me at or drop me a tip and ask. Shhh...we even let you host files!!!

That's it for now, back to reading system mail.

- Chip

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