MythTV's new open TV guide

MythTV's main TV programming guide DataDirect by Zap2it Labs is going to discontinue free TV listings starting September 1st, 2007. This isn't good since the guide listings is what allows MythTV users to select upcoming shows and watch/record them.

Well have no fear because the MythTV group is currently working on a replacement for Zap2it called Easy TV Data. Right now it's in its infancy but if they get the lawyer they are looking for it could really help MythTV and free TV applications.

For those who don't know what MythTV is, it's a free open source PVR kinda like Tivo. I've used MythTV a few times over the years and it has a come a LONG way from some of the early versions. If you are interested in using it, the main website is and it runs on Linux.

Here are some screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

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