Toorcon 2007

Toorcon is back for round '1001'. As of today the Toorcon website says

"ToorCon, now in its 9th year running, is San Diego's hacker conference bringing together the top security experts to present their new tricks of the trade and have fun in the sunny and beautiful city of San Diego. This year ToorCon will be taking place again at the Convention Center on October 19th-21st, 2007."

Firewire and I went to Toorcon last year and saw all sorts of cool stuff. If you didn't go you can catch up since videos from Toorcon 8 are posted on Google video

One of my favorites was the "Cheap Crack" talk about breaking Triple DES with an array of FPGAs.

Keep looking for updates on GI and the Toorcon site

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