One Click Installer

A few months ago a co-worker was asking me how difficult it was to install Linux. Of course this is a very obscure question because it really depends on the distro. So I began with some of the easier Distributions to install (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora Core) and explained to him that the only big difference between these distros is its package management system and that any of the three were a viable option. I then remembered my very pleasant experience with installing Ubuntu and gave him a Ubuntu 7.04 install cd.
I ended up completely forgetting that we even had that discussion and the other day he came back to me thanking me for giving him the Ubuntu cd. He was so impressed that he booted up the live cd, installed it in about 20 minutes and even his wireless card just came to life. As a matter of fact he is so impressed with the Ubuntu distribution that he installed it on his mothers PC and is trying to get his brother to convert from windows.
The ease of installing the standard Ubuntu 7.04 is allowing more and more people to switch over to Linux and give it a shot. I myself was pleased that they still offered a non-graphical installation alternative (what can I say, I like when the install is difficult; It makes me feel much more satisfied once I have finished.). But one thing that I must say is that the out of the box driver support is phenomenal! The lack of support on other distros and having to manually configure so many hardware devices is what makes running Linux a Geeky thing to do.

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