Honey I Shrunk The Kids

So every guy who was a kid watching the movie "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" was looking for a remote controlled lawn mower. I mean c'mon it doesn't get much better than mowing the lawn while standing on the porch. Terry created a remote controlled lawn mower and posted it on hackaday here. It's pretty freaking cool, I mean seriously who doesn't want a remote controlled lawn mower that you can send after the neighbors dog for taking a dump on your lawn or peeing on your mailbox. Only problem is this remote controlled lawn mower doesn't have the servo controlled pop up flag, and its not as pretty as the one in the movie. If your bored and feel like taking a trip back into the 90's I would take a look. You can also view more information on the lawnmower and a disclaimer (which is freakin hilarious) here.

The hack actually uses an old electric wheelchair, you know the kind that all the old people go hot roddin down the sidewalk on. The article shows some cool pictures on how to hack the wheel chair controller. Theres some custom PCBs and stuff as well. All in all an awesome project, and such a great idea. I'd totally make one if I had a lawn.


There is even a youtube video of this thing. I could be so lazy with one of these. I mean you sit there in a lawn chair drink your beer and play with a remote controlled lawn mower. Anyone have a better way to spend a Sunday?

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