Review: Sparkfun Olimex PIC Dev Board

s1axter has posted a review on the Olimex PIC-MT 28pin PIC development board from Sparkfun Electronics.

"The PIC-MT is well designed and is focused on embedded development using the hardware on the board. Measuring only 120mm by 36mm it can be held in one hand with all six buttons located under the right thumb, giving a game controller feel."

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I have to say this board is cool, it has a lot of cool hardware. As a demo s1axter wrote a simon like game for the PIC-MT in PIC assembly. He also posted a video if it in action. Check it out:

Max on Feb 29th, 2008 10:16pm
Numeric Simon, what a great idea! That dev board looks really handy, seems to have almost everything you need in a really small form factor.