PIC vs. AVR Smackdown

It looks like a tie on the poll between PIC and AVR. There are strong supporters on both sides as a quick Google search with show.

Since people like both I thought I would post this article posted last week PIC vs. AVR Ultimate fight!

It does a decent job of looking at the pros and cons of PICs and AVRs from a hobbyist view. I have a friend who is doing research with ARM and TI chips and every time we talk he always gets into the power available to PICs and AVRs compared to others. I think anyone looking for some hardcore number crunching or signal processing shouldn't be looking at these two at all, lol.

Anyway, it's a good read and if you feel so inclined, leave a comment on your personal favorite.

Article: http://www.ladyada.net/library/picvsavr.html

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