Microcontroller Programmer confiscated

Looks like airport security thinks a microcontroller programmer is dangerous to domestic US flights. This guy was flying out of South Dakota and was not allowed to take his modified microcontroller programmer on the flight with him. I find this slightly ridiculous, it's a tool, not powered, not plugged in, not capable of anything. To be fair the blog post says that it wasn't the programmer that was the problem but the added resistor and RC circuit on the device that made security concerned. Sometimes I do forget that most people look at electric circuits as voodoo but come on, if someone is an embedded designer/technician on a business trip, can explain what the addition is and why it is there (with all supporting math) why not let them pack it in cargo. Isn't it great when some lay person gets to say 'I don't know what it is so it must be bad'?

What do you think?


Max on Feb 28th, 2008 12:52pm
Arg! I hate hearing this! Hopefully I won't have any problems with my TV-B-Gone kit on my flight next week!!