Japanese Tech

I have to say itís been a crazy nine days. As some might have noticed, itís been kinda dead around here. The reason for that is for the past week and a half I have been in Nagoya Japan for work. Itís been an awesome trip, Japan is really cool!

Now Iíve seen a lot of posts on other sites about crazy technology and gizmos from Japan, but I never thought it permeated so far into the normal lives of the people here. Almost everything is more advanced than what I would find in the US. Everything from the vending machines everywhere (And yes they are everywhere), to the displays on the train saying what stop is next and what door will open, to the tools used in food service to speed your meal.

I thought that some GI readers might like to see some of the technology in Japan accessible to the general public.

These shots are of standard vending machines. These drink ones really are everywhere, complete with over 40 selections to choose from! They usually contain tea, soda, water, canned coffee, and even beer, all available 24/7! Also, in the second shot Japan still has cigarette machines, also with 40 selections.

I was also impressed with the rail systemís ticket machines. Now a ton of major cities, including in the US, have automatic ticket machines but these are quick and so easy to use, even an American who knows 4 phrases in Japanese can get around no problem. I snapped a shot of a ticket machine for your viewing pleasure.

Now the most impressive technology of the entire trip was most definitely the restaurant ordering devices in the last picture. Every place I went to had these things. When you order the server types in the order on these small hand-held units and it wirelessly (I think) transmits the order to the base station/kitchen. This is a fan-damn-tastic idea and if it were up to me, every single place everywhere in the world would have this. I hope in the near future this is implemented in the US. Brilliant!

Well, thatís it for me, nice 10 hour flight back tomorrow so enjoy the pics.

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