Halloween trickery

With Halloween coming up just around the corner, I've been in setup mode getting LEDs in pumpkins and all sorts of other special effects, so I figured I'd share a little project I found while jumping around today called "Cave Eyes" according to them:

"This is a little microcontroller circuit that has 15 pairs of L.E.D.'s that look like rodent eyes. The pairs of eyes blink in a semi-random fashion. So, what you end up with is 15 pairs of eyes staring out at you with one pair blinking (looks like the animal had to close their eyes briefly) at a time. The pairs of eyes are on wires so that they can be placed around the cave, bushes, etc. Runs off of 4 AA batteries."

Their site has complete schematics and looks to be a project you could complete in a few hours
Check it out

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