Well the fires have receded, my apartment has been spared and I am back at work. Time to post.

On Monday Mike S dropped us a line for Keith's Electronics Blog. The blog has a bunch of cool stuff including scavenging vacuum tubes from an old organ. I went through the archives and got a laugh out of this post on using iron-on printer transfers for pcb etching. Ferric Chloride stains EVERYTHING including porcelain sinks and toilets. I like the Lesson: lines in the post, I can just see etchant running all over the sink, not to mention how peeved his wife probably was. If you are looking for some digital, analog, CNC projects, check out Keiths's Blog.

Also, while not an official entry, my friend Spanky reminded me why it's always better to overclock naked


Mike S is in the running for the Olimex PIC-MT Dev Board

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