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Well today certainly was a busy day on the tip line.

A tip from Mike S. Those who had the torture honor of college dorm life know "He with the coolest room, has the most friends". For those who haven't seen this before I present the "Multifunction In-Dorm Automation System" aka. MIDAS.
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Reader Nic sent in this cool project. The true geek can not only count in binary but decode a binary sequence at a quick glance. For the true hardware inclined geek, take a look at this binary clock project by Hans Summers. Using parts laying around from computers, VCRs and phone cables Hans shows you how to make a 24hour binary clock. (Be warned, hand drawn schematic)
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Now here is an interesting site sent in by Fruki S., the Berkeley page aimed to "develop a 25 mm (wingtip-to-wingtip) device capable of sustained autonomous flight". Very cool stuff.
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That's it for right now.

Keep those tips coming, remember you have all day tomorrow until midnight to submit a tip and win this Olimex PIC-MT from SparkFun Electronics

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