Cool projects and Halloween fun

Just under 14 hours until the October Tips Contest is done, so hurry and get those tips in to win this Olimex PIC-MT with PIC16F872 PIC!

Yesterday Mike S. sent in a few tips, this one is for an alarm clock with an accelerometers to stop the alarm with a good wack. I know I hate the alarm clock and many a time have smashed the snooze with more than required force. Check it out if you want to torture your alarm and not feel as bad:

Also from Mike S is a tip on the Rubik's cube sub woofer that has been circulating on hardware blogs recently. This sucker is a beast at 144lbs and around two feet on each side. This would look really cool sitting in any room! Take a look at the ton of pictures and read up on Zachary's 164 step process:

Since is it Halloween, I feel obligated to add something pumpkin related... how about Mac-O-Lanterns!!

Or s1axter/jason AAAAAAH!

Max on Feb 26th, 2008 2:26pm
That Mac-O-Lantern is brilliant.. how did I miss that on the Make blog? I have an old Macintosh SE sitting in my garage that is about to be spray painted orange! I'll post photos to the Make flickr pool closer to halloween.