Final Tips

Well October has come and gone, and with it the October Tip Contest. We had Some last minute entries in the contest that I want to post.

Last night at 8pm PDT Albert sent us this link to a page on running a barebones webserver on a PIC16F877! Now that's just nuts. At the bottom of the page are links to code for an ATA interface for hard drives and flash drives, cool cool stuff.

Also from Albert, here is a page with some PIC routines for an LCD, lots of code.

The last tip to squeeze in last night at 10:40pm was from DIy556 and is my favorite from this entire month. I picked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii last Sunday and am totally addicted. There is a PC clone of Guitar Hero named Frets on Fire and if you have a Wii guitar using the scripts on this site you can play the game with the guitar using any bluetooth adapter. Very very cool stuff! Check it out:

That's it, tonight we will be drawing a winner from the tips over the past month so check your email.

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