Open A Locked Car With A Tennis Ball

I was at work today and found something that I'd like to try out. Problem is I don't have the right kind of car to try this on. I drive a piece of junk 1998 Honda Civic with more miles on it than most commercial aircraft. Anyways the female in the video apparently unlocks her car with the pressure from smashing a tennis ball. There are rumors that this actually used to work and it was tested on MythBusters on a few minivans but this definitely doesn't work on new cars anymore. It was an issue with cars around 2000 or so.

"BY SMOGBOT AT 06/26/07 09:19 AM

Actually this did used to work, but only for a couple of years, and only on cars with central locking systems. I haven't tried it for a long time but have been told it no longer works with modern cars, but if you still drive a pre 2000 car then this MIGHT still work for some models.

But this is still a crap tip because my brother told me about this when I was about 10 years old"

I am not sure this is legit at all but its definitely good for a laugh. Check it out here if you get some time.

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