Six preproduction electric vehicles compared

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent a link to ďSix major preproduction electric vehicles comparedĒ on the blog. Iíve been an electric car enthusiast for a long time. Iíve worked on three major EV projects including one of my own and always hoped a major car company would make a good attempt at a production EV.

Now I will be the first to admit, a lot of EV fans inflate range, speed and acceleration to push the EVs on interested parties, and I was worried this post would be like that. However I am glad to say it isnít, itís a rather objective look at proposed vehicles and a dialog about straight EVs, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrids. Since all the vehicles are in preproduction some information isnít available but the info that is all referenced with sources at the bottom.

On a technical note, it isnít surprising all the listed vehicles use lithium-ion battery packs; with the exception of the Aptera, but most likely it too will be Li-ion. Even 5 years ago, lithium-ion was WAY too expensive to use for propulsion, however with the huge increase in mass production for portable electronics lithium-ion technology is within the grasp of high(er) production vehicles.



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