PIC based Oscilloscope

It's been kinda dead around here lately with the holidays so I figured I would make a post. Embedds.com had an article on the 25th about a project on semifluid.com using a PIC18F2550 as a low frequency oscilliscope! The project page has the schematic and firmware for your experimenting pleasure. I should note the project uses the ADC on the PIC to read the voltage and, since there isn't any external circuitry on the schematic, the voltage range is limited to 0-5 volts. If you require a larger voltage range and/or don't want to fry your pic looking at the firmware you could add an external ADC chip or some op-amp circuitry.

Semifluid.com also has some other cool projects including a GPS logger and some servo control and accelerometer projects


Anonymous on Apr 16th, 2009 8:09pm