Welcome to 2008!

2008 is now officially here! Geeksinside hopes everyone had an enjoyable New Years and your hangovers left quickly.

2007 was a big year for us and 2008 is looking to be even bigger! Here's some of the major GI posts and events of 2007:

196 posts
Geeksinside gets a facelift 1 2 3
Hacking the Cable Modem Review
Geeksinside Review - Linux Appliance Design
Apple Bus Mouse Garage Opener Mod (lots of hits for this)
Maker Faire 2007
Embedded Linux Primer Review
Review: Sparkfun Olimex PIC Dev Board
GI turns 5
October tip contest
Review: The Essential Blender

Thanks for reading in 2007 and be sure to visit us regularly in 2008!

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