SMD Soldering Resource

Make Magizine had a post today that was a collection of Surface mount device (SMD) articles aimed at the home hobbyist. Titled SMD Soldering (surface mount device soldering) the post has links to a Sparkfun Electronics article on soldering SMD devices using their Simon kit. There are also some cool links and a video on scrounging SMD parts from old computer boards and building an SMD friendly soldering iron.

It's really helpful when you find a link dump all on one topic. So take a look and bookmark!

BTW: Sparkfun's Simon looks really cool but I like the Numeric Simon we did :-P

Max on Feb 24th, 2008 4:41pm
Sparkfun always had the best SMT tutorials until I came across "Curious Inventor." They have, hands down, the best surface mount soldering tutorial ever. The video is incredibly high quality and really demonstrates the techniques involved.