Toshiba HD DVD throws in the towel

Media has always been a large part of the entertainment industry and battles are won and lost fighting for customers. Tuesday February 19th Toshiba announced that they would no longer develop HD DVD devices. Most of us know that comming out of the turnstile Sony grabbed the market with their Blue-ray hi-definition media. The battle between the two media's has lasted long enough and was started by Sony in 2000. Toshiba then announced its own version of high definition discs known as the HD DVD in 2002. From the begining Toshiba was the underdog. What sealed the deal was the news that Toshiba recently lost Warner Brothers, one of the largest film producers to Blue-ray, as a supporter. Many have debated which company would win in the battle for the masses and now we finally have a winner.

You can view the New York Times article here. You can also view the timeline of the HD DVD and Blue-ray battle here.

Anonymous on Feb 23rd, 2008 11:51pm
Sony Paid Warner Bros. $400 Million to Go Blu-Ray. Is this OK in terms of business practices? I wonder what would have happend if MS paid $400M to have Dell drop Linux?
s1axter on Feb 24th, 2008 12:54am
Good point, is it going to come down to 'who has the bigger bank' rather than the better product? I hope not
Max on Feb 25th, 2008 12:06am
I have had my money on Blu-Ray from the beginning. My reason... It is a cooler name. I bet HD DVD players are going to be really cheap now!