Programming your own microcontroller has posted a 20 year old article on Programmable Logic Device (PDL) design that has stands the test of time. This article was released in 1989 when FPGAs were only 5 years old and continues to still be a great read for anyone who is considering PLD design and learning a Hardware Description Language (HDL).

From the article: "Rather than using a general-purpose language to program an embedded processor, you can use an HDL to configure a programmable logic device (PLD). A number of special sets of HDLs are specifically designed to configure PLDs."

20 Years is 10 life times on Jun 24th, 2008 7:07am
20 Years is 10 life time's. Moores Law states that things doulbe about every 18 months.

It's Horses for Courses between MicoProcessors and MicroControllers.